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LA Beauty and Hair specializes in services to hair loss patients suffering from autoimmune disorders, cancer, tumors, and other medical conditions. My clients come to me in a very vulnerable state. The first thing they say is "I just started treatment, I'm losing my hair, and I need help!" Our Mission is to create a safe space and comfortable place for 1 on 1 consultations to determine the specific needs of the client. We Value each clients state of mental health as they enter into various forms of treatment for illnesses out of there control. The ultimate Vision is to bring a holistic approach to replacement hair that offers clients a variety of long-lasting durable solutions while considering the clients physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing. Our products include full wigs, partial toppers, extensions, regrowth treatments, installations, and at home care products.

My Story

In 8th grade I developed Alopecia. By 11th grade, I lost all my hair on my body and started wearing full wigs to school. This marked the beginning of my relationship with wigs. After I graduated from a junior college in WA state, I moved to Santa Rosa in Sonoma County. By the time I arrived, I was in dire need of a new unit. Lucy was the owner of LA BeautyandHair and had quite the large assortment of choices. This marked the beginning of our beautiful friendship. About 6 years later, I acquired my Cosmetology license from the Cinta Aveda Institute. While I was in school, I received a scholarship from the Beauty Changes Lives foundation. I was able to use the scholarship to build my skills by earning certifications in lace medical wig making and natural hair care and braiding. Once I graduated I reached out to local salons and beauty shops for occupation. Two years after the birth of my beautiful baby girl, I enrolled in the local Santa Rosa Junior College. During my time at the college, I was able to take over LA Beauty and Hair from the previous owner. The previous owner explained she wanted the shop to remain open for the community and lead by someone who could relate to the clients. The clientele were mostly cancer patients who required a touch of empathy and confidence with their service. It is the Mission, Vision, and Values of the company to continue to be of service to the hair loss community.

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