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Insurance Reimbursement Coverage

Take these steps

1. Confirm coverage from your Insurance company.

2. Have your doctor write a prescription to LA Beauty and Hair including a Diagnosis Code

3. Set up a Consultation with LA Beauty and Hair for the rest!

Replacement hair that is reimbursed by insurance is of a higher quality than normal wigs and are referred to as Cranial Prosthetics.

Insurance companies have exact rules about payouts, we can help you through this process.

Schedule an appointment with LA Beauty and Hair to guide you! Insurance Providers with full or partial coverage are as listed:

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Wigs for hair loss due to the treatment of cancer. Benefits for wigs are paid at 100% of the billed amount, limited to $350 for one wig per lifetime. Does not include cranial prosthesis.

The reimbursement rate for participating providers of wigs (cranial prosthesis) diagnosis code A9282 is $1,000.

You will need a prescription from your physician with the diagnosis code A9282 for a cranial prosthesis to qualify for a medical wig.

Because Medicare considers wigs to be cosmetic, they aren’t covered under Original Medicare Part A or B, even with a doctor’s prescription.

United Healthcare
Coverage for wigs, hair prosthesis is excluded unless specifically listed as a covered health care service.

*Insurance reimbursement is not guaranteed if we are out of network*

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